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  • Pane

    The bread is our tradition In the twenties the founder Oliviero Simonazzi opened the bakery in the historic center of Castelnovo ne 'Monti. Oven Pastry Simonazzi is the quality and genuineness of mountain Bread Oven Pastry Simonazzi is from the beginning the art of artisan bakery, sourdough, the choice of the best flour. Bread for all… [continues]

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  • Pizza

    Oven Pastry Simonazzi offers pizza in different types, formats, and fillings, Always quality craftsmanship and the careful choice of raw materials. Pizza Margherita Pizza to steak Stuffed steak at Pizzetta round of Margherita Pizza Margherita Pizza Languages ​​Languages ​​Farcita

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  • Dumpling and Focaccia

    The Dumpling Reggiano Wheat flour with milk and yeast. The gnocchi can be oil, with lard, covered with cream, stuffed olives for a tasty snack. The Gnocchini muffins mignon for a simple and light snack. The oil focaccia focaccia from Genoa recipe.  

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    Dumpling and Focaccia
  • pretzels

    Oven Pastry Simonazzi offers a tasty range of products to savory baked goods, with light and tasty dough. Gourmets and assorted pretzels in puff pastry with sausage, vegetables, pepperoni, ham and cheese.    

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  • Traditional cakes

    The cakes from Emilia made with selected ingredients Baked Simonazzi. Cake Almond Cake Amaretti cake Lemon Cake Doughnut noodles Black Cake (with chocolate) Tart tart plums apricot tart with almonds and cherries Strawberry cake and cream of cream and chocolate cake Chocolate cake Christmas Tronchetto

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    Traditional cakes